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An Introduction to a New Era of Light and Life!


Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you the new Kyrenia Post. For those of you who have resided in North Cyprus for a Number of years- or those who have returned to our beautiful island for holidays frequently, you may be thinking “I’m sure I’ve seen this logo before…”
Well, you’d be correct to think so.

The Kyrenia Post was originally founded by Tamer Konat in 2002. The informative and interesting monthly newspaper style magazine was welcomed by the community, and soon became a household name.
After several successful years of publication, Mr Konat felt he needed to focus on the many other responsibilities he has of which brings vital and vibrant life into the tourism, culture and festival sector in North Cyprus. Mr Konat has been a major contributor of these sectors to our island for many years, having hosted thousands of tourists from abroad, and as a co-founder of the only internationally recognised classic car club in North Cyprus as well as the President of the North Cyprus Mercedes Benz Club.

The weeks and months of work, research and communication with both businesses and our fellow cosmopolitan population has been a bright and busy experience for us all! Our team have worked tirelessly and are proud to present you with the all new Kyrenia Post.

Our English/Russian publication will strive to remain inclusive of our multi-cultural community residing and visiting in North Cyprus, while bringing you culture, nostalgia, useful information including where to go, what to do and of course, Important contact information. We will be bringing you stories from the length and breadth of our community from home and abroad, while highlighting up and coming talents.

You can find us online, at: Here you will find our multi-lingual team have created a site where you can find information, advise, services and of course and much more in several languages. You can also follow our Kyrenia Post Facebook page.

We would like to take this opportunity to express that we are enormously proud to be a part of this publication. We would also like to remind our valuable readers that this publication is made for YOU, the people- we want to hear from you- your experiences, your stories and your lives. Feel free to get in touch with any member of our team via the contact links below.

We look forward to bringing you the very best from our beautiful island, and growing closer with those who hail near or far to make this spectacular country the perfect little paradise we call home.

Kyrenia Post team

Halyna Shymanska: Co-Owner/ Editor In Chief/ Co-Founder

Our beautiful, fashionable and charming Editor Halyna moved to Cyprus in 2013 and fell in love with the island. Born in western Ukraine, Halyna is a city girl, growing up in Lviv, widely renowned as the cultural capital of Ukraine and nicknamed ‘little Paris’ due to the stunning architecture, pretty boulevards, many arts festivals and its cosmopolitan people. Halyna studied international economic relations and foreign languages at the cities university and can speak her native Ukranian as well as Russian, English, Italian and a little bit of Turkish. She has always been interested in journalism, which from a small hobby turned into her favourite ‘work’. Halyna is a very well-travelled young lady and fate brought her to sunny Cyprus, where she met and fell in love with her fiancé Robbie. Not only are they bound together by their love, they are engaged together in the business of our magazine. Halyna is a very positive, joyful and ambitious person, this radiates through when you meet her and she hopes to pass on all her knowledge to the readers and bring to the magazine wise and useful information alongside some vibrant and colourful articles.

Robbie Mackay: Co-Owner/ Director/ Co-Founder

Director Robbie is a proud ‘Dunedian’ hailing from Scotlands Capital City; Edinburgh. After completing his secondary education, he progressed into Higher Education attending the Prestigious University of Edinburgh Business School, where he gained his MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Business Management. Today he looks after the family business and has built up a successful investment portfolio. Robbie’s first visit to Cyprus was back in 2003 and after many family holidays his parents bought a villa. They spent their Summers on the island and in 2012 made the life changing decision to call Cyprus their permanent home, and have never looked back. Cyprus is a special place for Robbie, he emigrated here as a young man, embracing a whole new culture and way of life. He has been fortunate to find a few close friends, whom he now regards as family. It’s where he met his Fiance Halyna. The couple share a passion for horticulture, gastronomy, travel, music and the arts. Robbie has introduced Halyna to the world of Classic Cars and the pair are valued members of the North Cyprus Classic and Sports Car Club, often seen competing in
rallies as Pilot and Co Pilot with their beloved classic Mercedes. Robbie hopes to bring a wealth of knowledge, culture, colour, interest and fun to the magazine.

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