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North Cyprus Seeking To Attract UK Tourists

North Cyprus Seeking To Attract UK Tourists

By Robbie Mackay

It’s traditionally the time of year when we think about our Summer holidays and the tourism Ministry are upping their game in a bid to attract more British nationals to the island. Attractive currency rates for tourists, great value for money, captivating history, interesting cultural roots, the island’s natural beauty and a mild, sunny climate are already large sources of attraction.
Over 100 posters will be displayed on iconic “red” London Buses with a further 25 adverts planned for the capital’s underground stations. Kadir Doruhan – British tourism and promotion coordinator said that the campaign aimed to bring positive results and the Ministry very much hoped to see an increase in British holidaymakers visiting the island over the course of 2019. Furthermore North Cyprus promotional stands and stalls have already been successfully displayed at a large tourism fair in Manchester, where many package holidays were sold. Further exhibitions are planned UK wide.

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