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Investment Has To Be Made In Solar And Kinetic Energy Projects

Investment Has To Be Made In Solar And Kinetic Energy Projects

By Robbie Mackay

It seems like a no brainer! We live on a small island surrounded by the sea, at times it can be windy and on average we get 300 “sunny” days every year. For some time calls have been made for greater investment in cheaper and cleaner renewable energies powered by sunshine and wind turbines. As an advocate for capturing our natural resources; Kinetic (the energy of motion – wind and sea) and solar (light and heat from the sun harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies for heating and electricity) energy since I arrived on the island many years ago, it was lovely to read a statement by Özdil Nami – Minister for Economy and Energy, who has finally said that there must be a “fundamental change to the way the Country produces it’s electricity and in order to reduce the cost of electricity by 25%, investment had to be made in solar energy” The minister added that he had”held meetings in Brussels with representatives of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), the leading institution on interconnectivity”.

With over 33 price hikes in the last 18 years Kib-Tek tariffs now rank high in comparison to other countries in the region and appear in reality to be increasing on a daily basis according to my bill, however Kib-Tek blames this on currencyfluctuations. With modern technology, direct sunshine-sunlight isn’t even necessary, just a bright day will suffice. As there are still many stages to go through regarding the project to bring electricity to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from Turkey via undersea cables, savvy consumers might want to think about installing Solar and Kinetic energy capturing devices at home too.

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