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Scottish Tartan On Trend!

Scottish Tartan On Trend!

Stylish Woven And Check Clothing This Winter Season!

By Halyna Shymanska

Of course, the most fashion conscious trend setters this season continue to hold onto leopard print and animistic motifs – but the Scottish woven print which has become the favourite of many fashion houses, is now a serious competitor.

On the eve of holidays, with the arrival of winter, I want to look particularly beautiful, stylish and elegant. It is the Scottish Tartan, weave and check of red that I associate with Christmas, in the winter holidays. Without a doubt, Tartan in all its varieties will become a win-win option this season for the most fashionable and beautiful women.

To talk about checkered and woven, weave style fabric only this season is kind of wrong since Tartan is a timeless classic, which is always on trend. Tartan has always been fashionable and it’s hard to imagine fashion collections and shows without it. Before checkered style prints were a tad more conservative and restrained, some may say rightly so, this season however famous designers and fashion houses presented us Tartan in a variety of styles and colors.

Woven style prints have became the main accent and favorite of the Versace collection, having appeared on all types of clothing and even on scarves, berets and accessories.
Another well-known Italian brand Max Mara decided to combine leopard and Tartan print together, which caused a lot of discussions and then some more discussions!

Sometimes the great fashionistas of this world may be classed a little eccentric in their eclectic style however successful couturiers see the world in their own way, they are unique and that is one of the keys to their success – so, on large catwalks appear works of art and masterpieces of fashion and style.

This season at fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London and New York, designers, as if by agreement, offer us checkered outfits. Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Michael Kors, Trussardi, Roberto Cavalli, Balenciaga and many others paid particular attention to Tartan. Talented couturiers “play” with different types of woven styles and mix multi-colored checkered prints together. These outfits look very impressive, extremely original and super stylish.
Fashionable Tartan trends are diverse, theres a combination for every taste and color, from the classic grey “Prince of Wales” to wonderfully authentic, historic Clan Name Scottish Tartan for example my Scottish Husbands Clan (Surname) Tartan – Mackay.

Checkered prints are generally universal and suitable for women of all ages. They create a feminine look suitable for both pretty young girls and serious, sophisticated ladies over 40.
The checkered print itself is bold and already rich, so do not overdo it with jewellery and accessories.

Tartan is a classic, even if it is multi-coloured and bright, so carefully combine it with denim or leather clothing. It is best to complement Tartan elements in neutral shades.
Another amazing feature of Tartan is it’s ability of visual correction – so for the magnificent, curvy fashionistas a Tartan with a large pattern is beautifully perfect and flattering, for slender beauties, on the contrary, small checkered fabric patterns will tend to suit you best.

Many designers paid special attention to British prints at different times. Today, plaid fabrics are associated with Scottish traditions, Kilts, Burberry Check and Misty Albion. It’s difficult to draw accurate conclusions to who first introduced what we now call Tartan since the checkered fabric was produced in different countries at different times. What is certain is Queen Victoria, who loved “everything Scottish”, famously introduced Tartan as a regal style. It was Queen Victoria and her husband Albert who decided to decorate their residences, namely Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands with checkered, decorative fabric known to us today as Tartan. The Queen’s love for tartan was continued by the famous tycoon of the English clothing industry, Thomas Burberry, who registered and patented his unique print in 1924. Today the “Burberry” print is still an instantly recognisable fashion of the UK.

It is also worth noting in the history of checkered fashion; the famous French woman Coco Chanel, who in the 1920’s creatively broke into the territory of Albion and brought into vogue a special interweaving of threads, which is the basis of the modern version of the Tartan “Glenchek”. In the 1960’s the style began to actively appear in fashionable designer collections from Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent and Hanay Mori. Classic plaid skirts became very popular after the premiere of the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” in 1967.

Many world couturiers worked with the Tartan Check at different times and today it is difficult to find a designer who would not pay attention to checkered motifs. Tartan is a favourite pattern in the collections of the leading fashion brands Versace, Moschino, Max Mara, Roberto Cavalli, etc.
Amazingly versatile it is for sure an indispensable classic and symbol of British aristocracy and sophistication, French elegance and restraint, Italian glamour and style.

Now, we all know how to look fashionable and stylish on cold winter days! Experiment, choose your checkered motifs and outfits and always stay in a festive, joyful mood with a broad smile on your face!

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