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How To Bring Luck As A First Foot This New Year

How To Bring Luck As A First Foot This New Year
By Robbie Mackay
With the weather in Kyrenia being unseasonably nippy and on a par with Scotland why not take a few tips from the professionals on how to bring good luck this coming year. Us Scottish have some unusual traditions to celebrate New Year. From setting things on fire to jumping in icy water (the loony dook) our Hogmanay and New Year celebration is legendary across the world. One of the more traditional events is first footing, or the ‘first foot’ in the house after midnight.

Although not as common as it used to be, it still exists across Scotland. The first-footer must be out of the house before the clock strikes midnight, then cross the threshold to welcome in the new year, bearing gifts.
Traditional items to carry include pieces of coal – to bring warmth to the fire, a coin – silver is considered good luck, salt, bread, and a ‘wee dram’ of whisky which represent prosperity, food, flavour, long-life, and good cheer.

Tall, dark-haired men make ideal first-footers – this concept is believed to date back to Viking times, where a big blonde stranger turning up at the door with an axe meant trouble! So that’s why i’ve never been considered a braw first foot! If you’re red-haired, a doctor, or a minister, unfortunately you don’t make the cut to be a first-footer either. However, those who are lucky to be the first over the doorstep can claim a kiss from every woman in the hoose. The first person to cross over the threshold brings all the luck, whether it’s good or bad, fur the year ahead.
What traditions will you be following this New Year? Share them with us at and on our social media accounts. Perhaps try out some first footing for yourself, but remember to stay safe and visit those you know, not some random strangers!

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