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By Robbie Mackay

You know ‘THAT FEELING’. At this time of year, many things give us that warm, fuzzy, feel good feeling. Certain songs, food, smells – for me simple things like clementine, mandarin and the film ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ – get us into the“Christmas spirit.” Good old-fashioned nostalgia.
We associate the twinkling colored lights, decorated Christmas trees and other items we see and smell at this time of the year with memories of childhood and traditions. Perhaps that’s why it’s called “the magic of Christmas.” Because when we feel happier, we feel closer to our loved ones and more connected to the things and people that matter to us and in most cases, that’s the way it was during the Christmases of our past.

So whether it’s the smell of a freshly cut tree, watching your favorite film, or seeing the twinkling of Christmas lights that give you that positive festive feeling, be sure to embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts. (If only we could bottle it up and use it all year long!)
On the 16th of December my Fiancée and I along with 75 others (a full house) spent a wonderful afternoon at the ‘Christmas and more’ concert at Karmi Church raising over 2000TL for Church funds. Whoever says it doesn’t feel Christmassy in Cyprus clearly isn’t visiting the proper places! Despite it being a tad nippy in Church, the joyful songs and utterly superb vocalists warmed and melted our hearts.

Despite only two rehearsals together, the stars of the afternoon were undoubtedly the extremely talented young singers Peri Sualp and Edgar Evoyan with renditions of all our festive favourites mixed together with some well known Italian pieces. Look out for them in the future – I have a feeling they’ll both go far. Alongside them was Opera Singer Katie Economidou. Her version of Ave Maria gave me goosebumps – you the know the feeling – it was a very special interpretation. Zara Barkhoudarian was key perfect on the ivorys. I wish I had some musicality! I left the Church with my heart bursting full of pride. We have some wonderful talent across borders on our beautiful Island. Whilst i’m not Cypriot – I am very proud to call Cyprus my home.

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