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Young Cypriot Earns Silver at Jiu Jitsu European Championship

By Serpil Kadirlar


The annual Jiu Jitsu European Championships, hosted by BJJ Elite- Home of the highest standard Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Events for junior & juvenile competitors- were held in Wolverhampton, UK,  on Saturday 22nd of September 2018. With around 700 competitions and over 2000 spectators,  young fighters from all over Europe arrived under one roof at the Aldersley Leisure Centre to compete for their respective titles.

Nazir Huseyin Charalambous (Blue Uniform)- The Duel British/ TRNC national Of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot parentage, was among the competitors who exceeded the odd’s and expectations of his coaches and team mates who witnessed his spectacular efforts.

Nazir, who competed in 3 fights- all of which were against opponents who were bigger, heavier and of a higher grade- fought with great skill, strength and courage, and subsequently won all three of his matches. Nazir was awarded the European Championship silver medal, missing out the gold only by a few points, and has now taken his place as second in his category in the whole of Europe.


The 12 year old, who currently holds the title of NAGA gold medalist (National American Grappling Association),  seems somewhat disappointed with his feat, and said “I’m not going to accept silver as an achievement because it is not what I was aiming for. I don’t want to fall into the habit of seeing less than what I aimed for as a triumph, so although I am really grateful for all the support and kind words of encouragement, I am eager to get back to training and move onto the next competition”

We will be following the progress of this young warrior who will, without a doubt, continue to make great gains and take the world of Jiu Jitsu by storm!



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