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Leopard print: Predatory trend 2018

By Halyna Shymanska

Over the years leopard print has taken a leading position in the world of fashion and glamour. Famous sex symbols, Hollywood actresses and show business stars have long preferred this fashion trend, perhaps ultimately a symbol of luxury and prosperity? Regularly we observe how famous celebrities appear on the red carpet in seductive Leopard dresses.

The style can look elegant and beautiful, but can be vulgar and tasteless, if it is not properly worn. Here there is a very fine line and the main thing is not to over do it. Dresses with leopard print always look feminine, sexy and seductive. While leopard leggings can look vulgar and ridiculous, especially on women of rather large sizes!Leopard print fashion began back in 1947 with the collection of Christian Dior, where he presented gorgeous dresses with leopard. Leopard print was very much a trusty staple in the wardrobes of the talented, iconic beauties of past times – Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bordeaux and Elizabeth Taylor. Everyone remembered fondly Marilyn Monroe with a leopard print cloak in the movie “Men Prefer Blondes” and in 1963, another fashion icon Audrey Hepburn appeared in the movie «Charade» in a leopard hat from Givenchy and then Roberto Cavalli adopted love for leopard and made a leopard print ‘cat’ in the female form a mascot for his collection.

In the present day we continue to see leopard fashion in the collections of our favorite brands such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Gucci and Carolina Herrera. Modern fashion icons and celebrities Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and others are a fan of the faux print.

Leopard print – isn’t ideal for the modest and quiet. This option is for the bravest, brightest, self-assured women. An image with leopard coloring will be very effective and memorable. Traditionally leopard is combined with black and white. This is a win-win option in your wardrobe. But it also looks good with natural shades of beige and brown. For real predators and hunters, a fatal combination of leopard with a red color will do. For the bravest, fashion designers have combined this season a classic pastel leopard with bright green, orange and purple. Another very stylish look is a leopard jacket or blouse with simple blue jeans and minimal jewellery. Even the simplest image of a leopard scarf or handbag can lift and change your look.

If you choose an outfit with a leopard print, this is guaranteed to attract attention. Without doubt your image will be bright, effective and stunning. Combine, experiment, choose and create your unique style in leopard motifs and always stay on top and in the trend with us!

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