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Concours “Competition of Elegance” In the Heart of Kyrenia

By Serpil Kadirlar

North Cyprus’ 4th Concours Classic Car event was held in the heart of Kyrenia this month, hosted at the well-known and loved Onar Holiday Village in Kyrenia.

Concours d’Elegance (Concours) is a term of French origin that means a “competition of elegance” and refers to an event where prestigious vehicles are displayed and judged. It dates back to 17th-century France, where aristocrats paraded horse-drawn carriages in the parks of Paris during summer weekends and holidays. The international organisation certainly boasts a colourful history, The oldest still-extant Concours, the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, is held annually at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio, on Lake Como in Italy. The first of these was held in September 1929. The first Concours in North America was held in 1950 at the Pebble Beach Golf Links in Monterey, California, in conjunction with the first Pebble Beach Road Race and the longest continually-running event is the Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance in California, which has been held every year since 1956 (both Villa d’Este and Pebble Beach have skipped years since 1956).

This year, The North Cyprus Classic Car Club in collaboration with the North Cyprus Mercedes Benz Club (the only internationally recognised car clubs in North Cyprus), sponsored by EFES, ASOL GROUP and CITREON, welcomed almost 200 guests to what was a on a great show under the umbrella of the Concours organisation.

Proud Classic Car Owners exhibited their flawless classics- from Mustangs to Morris Minors, Fiats to Jaguars- rows of pristine classics, one as beautiful and desirable as the other.

The wonderful afternoon was followed by an an evening of great food, limitless beer, upbeat music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and of course, the highly anticipated awards ceremony.

Judges Atay Taskin Urol, Ebru Nadic and Yeliz Balibey, who  spent the afternoon inspecting the cars and awarding points for exterior condition, interior condition, mechanical maintenance,  cleanliness and overall condition of the vehicles.

The judges, who had the difficult task of evaluating the classics and forming fair critique, truly granted justice to the winning classics in their respective categories.  The results are in…

Best Kit Car Awards:

1) Mr Gregory AC Cobra

2) Kevin McDonald Porsche

Best French Car

1) Atay Cafer Urel Citroen DS

Best Japanese Car

1) Akin Demirag Datsun 280ZX

2) Neil Wishart Toyota Supra MK3

Best Turkish Car

1) Tamer Konat Murat 124

Best Italian Car

1) Dr Kaya Surer Fiat Bertone

2) Mike Chasteane Fiat Abarth

Best English Car

1) David Marks Morgan 4-4

2) Steve Edwards Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Best German Car

1) Tony Gilman Mercedes 300SL

2) Sabri Abit Mercedes 190SL

Overall Winner

1) Colin Upton Jaguar X150S

2) Paul Hurley Buick

3) Ertug Ertugrul Mustang


From the Judges…

Atay Taskin Urol

Atay Taskin Urol with his partner Zarif Candas

Being on the judging panel at this prestigious Concours event was highly enjoyable for me. It was a privilege to see so many cars which rarely exist in the world in our beautiful country, and having the opportunity to see these classics close up and in such great detail has been an experience I won’t forget!

While analysing the cars, before awarding points, I ensured that I especially paid attention to the originality of the vehicles- that original features were in place. Condition and cleanliness of both interior mechanics and exterior appearance was equally important and I scored each car as fairly as I could and to the best of my ability.

As a representative of the ASOL group, I speak on behalf of those from our company when I say we were very pleased to be a sponsor for this event and we’d like to thank Tamer Konat (co-founder of the North Cyprus Classic Car Club and President of the Mercedes Benz Club) for hosting us at this truly remarkable event.

Ebru Nadic

Ebru Nadic

I am pleased and honoured to have joined the panel of judges at this year’s Concours event.

As I am currently working within the automobile sector, being a part of such an event , having the opportunity to offer my analysis and input and simply seeing how the classic Car culture has grown in this country due to the input of organisations such as the North Cyprus Classic Car Club and the North Cyprus Mercedes Benz Club, has been a highlight of my career.

It is wonderful to see that not only the Classic Car Culture is growing, but it is being nurtured by relevant organisations and also, the proud owners of beautiful, rare classics. This is a culture which will be passed onto future generations and I am grateful to have been a part of an internationally renowned event such as Concours.

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