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By Robert Alexander Mackay

For many years Yorgo’s Kebab Restaurant has been the beating heart and sole of the Charming Marionite Village Kormakitis.  Proud Proprietors The Skoullou family reach out to all who come from near and far to sample their famous delicacies which amongst others include slow cooked lamb, goat, tasty Meze and “THE BEST SALAD“.  Maria, her Mother Christina and the family pride themselves on their use of the highest quality local produce combined with top customer satisfaction and want to ensure the traditional food and cooking methods they use which embrace their cultural heritage is simply the crème de la crème. So it comes as no surprise when Maria and the family announce an evening ofcelebrations and a night to remember in Kormakitis, that there is much excitement.  Organisation is everything says Maria “when you are planning to entertain 1000 plus friends and family.  It of course all starts in the kitchen where my Mother’s butchering skills are second to none.  We select the best ingredients to keep the restaurant going.  The new clay ovens take pride of place outside and allow for consistent high quality, this is especially important when there are so many mouths to feed”.

Picture the scene, a warm summers evening in St George’s square.  The backdrop of green pastures with the faint blue,turquoise Mediterranean sea and proudly standing Troodos Mountain Range faintly in the distance.  The sun setting on the elevated Saint George’s Church and the village square looking spectacular, a wash with elegantly laid tables and crisp white linen.  Musicians setting up for a night of traditional “Bouzouki” style music, simply village life at its very best!  Some special guests and treasured close family friends are here to join in on the celebrations.  Priests gathered to give thanks for the coming together of people from across the island and beyond and the blessing of the food. Heart felt words of wisdom echoed the square with heart felt applause after a truly inspirational moment in time following a moving speech given by Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Özersay, who spoke personally about a ethnically rich and diverse community making for a civilised society.  The Deputy Prime Minister spoke about people from all walks of life living in harmony and hoped for good things to come in the future, of which this island and it’s community deserve.  With the speeches complete, it was time to eat drink and be merry!  Maria, Christina and the family had prepared a feast of mediterranean delights including meze and off course their famous Kleftiko with twists of Arabic and Cypriot influence, accompanied by local homemade red wine, what more could one ask for?  As darkness fell, the warm air and good music breathed life to this enchanting village.  Who couldn’t fail to be moved by this Cypriot families warm welcome and hospitality?  To round off a spectacular evening a colourful fireworks display light up the heavens.

Maria announced she was now the new Mukhtar of the village, a position of great important to the community for a number of reasons. Maria says as Mukhtar her priorities have slightly changed. “I now have the interests of this rural village and all its inhabitants to protect.  Water and electricity prices are high on the agenda in this present economic climate”. For this farming community these are life changing issues, but Maria is up for the challenge and has hit the ground running so to speak, already talking with government and industry professionals.

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