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A taste of red carpet Hollywood glamour descended on downtown Kyrenia this month as the Savoy Ottoman Palace Hotel played the glitzy host to Miss and Mr North Cyprus 2018.  A dazzling evening full of culture, colour, sparkle and all round razmataz was enjoyed by a full packed audience.  Well known singers Bahar Gökhan and Grup Rast provided a tasteful musical interlude with talented professional dancers Tuğçe  Doğunel performing a moving Ballet inspired routine and Bahar Hacimehmet, from The Spring Fairy Dance Academy performing an up beat salsa number with some of her aspiring students.

14 female and 12 male candidates donned the podium with spectacularly beautiful dresses from JuJu and Midye boutique and shoes from Bayramoģlu, performing various dance shows as well as strutting their stuff on stage!  Elif Sude Zūğūrt (18 years old) was crowned Queen and Suleyman Mallahasan (22 years old) King.

Runner(s) up Tünay Konti was awarded second place while Gülsena Güler received third place in Miss North Cyprus 2018.

All results of Miss and Mr North Cyprus 2018:

Miss North Cyprus 2018:

  1. Elif Sude Züğürt
  2. Tünay Konti
  3. Gülsena Güler
  4. Tuğçe Erdönmez
  5. Deniz Tuzmen

Mister North Cyprus 2018:

  1. Suleyman Mallahasan
  2. Huseyin Soybir
  3. Dogukan Arikan
  4. Mümtaz Kızılbora
  5. Ihsan Üğütücü

The judges also awarded Miss and Mr Savoy and Miss and Mr Friendship trophies.

Miss Savoy:

Tuğçe Özgünler

Mr Savoy:

Sergen Özbay


Miss Friendship:

Deniz Tuzmen

Mr Friendship:

Kadir Arslan


Günuğut Agency Director Bülent Günkut and Burcu Betin hosted and presented with effortless style, professionalism and humour.  The popular and successful event has been running in North Cyprus since 1984, with the judging panel consisting of previous winners and professional experts from the field.

The winners received cash prizes and were given full bursaries to the Girne American University and it’s thought that they will go on to represent North Cyprus at an international level.  Proceeds from ticket sales at the event will be donated to the local Cancer charity Tulips.

By Halyna Shymanska

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