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FLOWER POWER Summer 2018

by Halyna Shymanska

What did the famous designers and couturiers prepare for us in the summer of 2018?  What will be the fashion this season?  Flowers, floral prints and bright, juicy colours!  Naturally all designers are different, but they do all follow the conscientious that summer style must include saturated and vibrant colours, creating a good, positive mood and a sense of joy and happiness.

Flower motifs in clothes are my own love and a certain trend of 2018. My favourite brand Dolce & Gabbana probably share my opinion, because they include flowers in their collections from year to year. Also Gucci, Michael Kors, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Marni and many others have included in their collections floral prints, which are difficult to remove from the summer collection. Bright flowers, fragrant on dresses, tops, blouses and skirts, cause only joyful emotions and associations with a hot sunny summer.

Flowers – a symbol of femininity, lightness and of course, summer. When the sun shines and the birds sing – you want to look beautiful and fashionable. Designers have prepared for fashionistas different, interesting variations of long dresses and kaftans with flowers. Long dresses always look feminine and elegant. However, this was also last years trend, the flowers remain on blouses, bags, denim shirts and skirts. It’s hard to take away the floral theme in the female image, because they soften the look and of course make it more feminine. Therefore, fashion houses extend the life of flowers from season to season. It seems to me that floral motifs will never go out of fashion, because they’re so beautiful and cute.  Timeless!   But in any case, no matter what fashion, the best decoration for a woman is a smile and a good mood!  Smile more, love yourself, keep your hand on the pulse of fashion with us and you will always feel very confident and stunning!

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