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Exchanging Currency in North Cyprus

Important information regarding using and exchanging banknotes in North Cyprus:

  1. When exchanging or withdrawing money from a bank, look for any pen marks, check all notes before accepting the money given, any pen marks on notes will not be accepted by other banks or shops.
  2. Ensure that notes given by anyone are valid newer notes, or you may have trouble exchanging them at a bank.
  3. Check that there are no tears or rips in your notes, or you will find some places may not accept your money.

The unit of currency in North Cyprus is Turkish Lira (TL). The approximate exchange rate fluctuates daily, so it’s best to check the rate at the many banks, exchange bureaus or at your hotel before you change your money.  Most businesses will also happily accept payments in main foreign currencies such as Euro, Sterling (GBP) and US Dollars. You can expect the exchange rate to be slightly lower in shops, restaurants and supermarkets, however, always ask the rate before using foreign currency to pay for items and meals.

Most major international credit and debit cards are accepted by hotels, restaurants, and shops. Fees and charges are set by your bank. It’s better to enquire exchange rates and charges with your bank before using credit and debit cards.

By Şenol Tibet

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