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Luxury, Class and Elegance Nestled in the Mountains of Ilgaz: Gillham Vineyard Hotel

Overlooking the Mediterranean nestled within the pine clad mountains of Cyprus; Gillham Vineyard Hotel is the first and only vineyard hotel in Northern Cyprus. The adult only boutique hotel combines international standards of luxury accommodation with a unique warm hospitality providing guests with a tranquil location where they can relax and refresh their mind and senses in a truly distinguished and exclusively designed boutique vineyard hotel.

Gillham Vineyard hotel has 31 luxury appointed suites set amongst mature well maintained gardens on the outskirts of the beautiful village of Ilgaz approximately 15 minutes from Kyrenia

Listen to your soul and discover the culture of wine at Gillham’s Wine Culture, where history meets winemaking’s new world…

Vines have been grown and grapes have been pressed in the Mediterranean since the Bronze Age, Gillham Vineyard and Estate is breathing life back in to tradition with its resident artisan vintners who are using their passion and knowledge to bring a new era to the island by creating distinguished wines.

Being pioneers in North Cyprus their artisan vintners are breathing life back into old world tradition and are able to take a fresher approach to their craft, handpicking from both time-honed traditions and modern technology.

At Etel, whether you are a wine connoisseur or someone who simply enjoys and appreciates a good wine, they certainly have a wine to meet any desired taste, palate and request. Etel Winery does not outsource any aspect of viticulture or winemaking this is a reflection of their belief in balance, detail, and integrity. Winemaking methods have been carefully chosen to promote the cleanest expression of the fruit and our Cypriot soil.

Set high upon the hills of the Beşparmak Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean there are over 4 hectares of lush and picturesque vineyards planted with a variety of vines.

To achieve their unique style they have planted 8 varieties of grapes which were each carefully selected by matching the vines to the suitable soil and climate differences, and by carefully monitoring watering, foliage and crop load- culminating in delicious  wines which fully express the potential of estate-grown grapes.

Gillham’s Wine Culture provides guests with a complete insight and experience of wine culture. Guests are able to discover the magic of the complete wine making process, from the planting of the vines to the final production of distinguished wines, more than that, visitors can choose from a wide selection of tours, wine education courses, wine lectures and much more that will enhance the guest’s wine culture experience.

Within Gillham’s Wine Culture you will find conference facilities and a VIP lounge that is available for meetings and private parties. From the stunning wine bar you can relax and watch the sunset over the vineyard with a glass of your chosen vintage, Gillham’s wine bar also hosts regular musical events featuring international artists from a variety of musical talents as well as other special events throughout the year.

Tapas Wine Bar: Where an idyllic tranquil setting provides the stunning backdrop to enjoy their distinguished wines

The stunning Tapas-Wine Bar of Gillham’s Wine Culture reflects the refined elegance that you will find throughout the entire Estate. The atmosphere is both welcoming and tranquil, and where gastronomy has added a creative twist to tradition.

The idyllic tranquil setting of the Wine Bar at Gillham’s Wine Culture is where guests and visitors can relax on the large terrace and decking that stretches above the vineyards, and enjoy a renowned selection of wines and gastronomically delightful tapas. Time will glide by, almost without you realizing it…

The Hotel Suites: Where luxury meets warm hospitality and a tranquil setting to refresh your mind and senses… 

There are 31 suites which range from the single storey Beaujolais Business suites to deluxe Sparkling Suites; The suites offer either a Double or Twin Beds, en-suite facilities and are decorated with a modern contemporary style with stunning views across our vineyards and pine clad mountains of the Mediterranean. Their Suites are equipped to ensure that their discerning guests needs and requirements are fully taken care of. Guests have exclusive access to the luxury Wine Spa.

At Gillham Vineyard hotel every detail will make you feel at home and pampered by the sincere attention provided by the kind and helpful staff on site whenever one should need.

Indulge in their exclusive gourmet service and experience the finer things in life…

Experiencing new flavours and creative cuisine is one of the highlights of any holiday; Gillham’s exclusive Chef Restaurant  are bringing new culinary opportunities to the discerning traveller, with a resident international chef, providing guests with a fine dining experience from a varied menu selection of tastes from around the world.

The atmosphere at Gillham’s Chef Restaurant forms an inextricable part of the gastronomic experience, which is why minute attention and care has been paid to the smallest of details in the restaurant’s décor.

With each and every aspect of customer requirements so intricately thought out, organised and provided, it is literally impossible to walk away from Gillham Vineyard Hotel feeling anything other than peace, happiness and regenerated. Gillham Vineyard hotel stands out as unique from every hotel in North Cyprus, as it is far from a mere place to stay- Gillham offers an experience which is unavailable anywhere in North Cyprus. Fine wines, relaxation, peace, indulgence and luxury and even a few lessons behind the art of wine along the way. With memories that will last you a lifetime, one can be sure that if you visit once, you will visit several times over.

If you’re thinking about booking a holiday, meal or even a day visit to Gillham Vineyard, don’t think about it. Do it. Gillham Vineyard will exceed your expectations. You will not be disappointed.

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