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Blissful Blue

Every person has a favorite color.  Some like bright colors, some prefer light shades, some are delighted with black, well, I’m crazy about blue! Sometimes, of course, my color preferences change depending on my mood. The same theory of course can be applied to fashion.  Some looks and trends are timeless and do not date, but what are the most fashionable colors in the spring and summer of 2018?

1 of the 12 most fashionable colors of this season is blue.  Beautiful blue shades this year are indispensable. The boyish blue “Little Boy Blue” is in Vogue. Very discreet, at first glance even boring, soft and pure this blue is actually able to refresh the simplest image, giving it a discreet but fascinating color highlight. Sky blue is not only the privilege of little boys.  Sky blue of the morning skies and the azure shades of the ocean  were entwined in the gentle shade of ‘Little Boy Blue’. ‘He’ seems to promise us the advent of a new bright day. Tranquil yet at the same time, this shade of blue sky and exciting sea fascinates at first sight. Clothing in this color are included in the collections of famous brands noteably Versace, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors and all the most fashionable houses in Milan, Paris and London. This color looks equally well both independently and in combination with other pastel shades. It will be good to rhyme with grey, white, silver, black, juicy and powdery shades. Be sure to include this color in your wardrobe this season and you will definitely not regret it!  You’ll look bang on trend, super stylish and perfect!

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